Clumber Spaniel Club Open Show – 2018

Judge – Mrs Jane Graham

I would like to thank the officers and committee for this wonderful opportunity to judge your breed. I was impressed with the fitness, condition and temperament overall, dentition on the whole was very good.
Best In ShowSH CH Anbrook Burma Star at Brazenhill JW Sh CM - Newsham
Reserve Best In ShowWhissgig Daddy Cool - Sheppard
Best Opposite SexTweedsmuir Chenoa at Windfly - Grant
Best PuppyMaursett Mathos - Taylor
Best VeteranMicklemess Bella Rosa - Croft
Best DogSH CH Anbrook Burma Star at Brazenhill JW Sh CM - Newsham
Reserve Best DogWhissgig Daddy Cool - Sheppard
Best Puppy DogMaursett Mathos - Taylor
Minor Puppy Dog2 Entries, Absent: 0
1stMaursett Mathos - Taylor
Appealing baby of just 6 months, well balanced head with clean eyes, ample neck and correct shoulder placement. Ample bone and body for age, impressive on the move for one so young, very true fore and aft but really excelled in profile.
2ndTweedsmuir Swashbuckler at Jahanghir - Guy
Another promising youngster, well put together just not as positive on the move at this stage
Puppy Dog4 Entries, Absent: 3
1stAbbyford Carignan - Crawford
Liked his head and expression, well off for bone with super feet. Ample body properties. Moved well once settled, just needs to firm up in topline.
Junior Dog1 Entries, Absent: 0
1stAbbyford Carignan - Crawford
Novice Dog1 Entries, Absent: 0
1stBurnished Showers by Summervilles - Summers
Masculine head with clean eyes, ample neck, strong bone and nicely padded feet. Still needs to mature in body, well muscled throughout, moved ok just a little wide in front.
Graduate Dog2 Entries, Absent: 0
1stMarshalver Moonriver - Boden
Liked this boy for type, lovely outline when stood, super head, strong neck and well laid shoulders, good bone and feet moved out soundly and happily, pushed hard for top honours
2ndBurnished Showers by Summervilles - Summers
Post Graduate Dog2 Entries, Absent: 1
1stDelsaux Ray of Light - Taylor
not the biggest of dogs but difficult to find anything not to like about him. He is balanced throughout with lovely head and expression. Well ribbed with super muscletone all through. Moves soundly fore and aft.
Limit Dog3 Entries, Absent: 1
1stWhissgig Daddy Cool - Sheppard
Liked this boy for balance and breed type, well balanced head with clean eyes, good length of neck, strong bone, well ribbed with good depth of chest and strong in loin. In good coat and condition. Moved out soundly.
2ndWhissgig The Bristolian - Sheppard
Pleasing head and expression, well balanced but still needing to mature in body. Couldn’t match the winner on the move.
Open Dog3 Entries, Absent: 0
1stSH CH Anbrook Burma Star at Brazenhill JW Sh CM - Newsham
I judged this boy as a baby puppy so was lovely to get the chance to go over him again and he certainly didn’t disappoint. He is masculine throughout but not overdone in any way, balanced head with clean eye, strong bone with well padded feet, good depth of chest, correct body length with strength in loin and so sound in movement from any angle with excellent tail carriage
2ndSH CH Winhampton Over the Yardarm of Harrifield JW Sh CM - Thorogood
Another quality boy, slightly taller than winner and lacking furnishings which gave him a squarer outline, very sound on the move
3rdSugar Loaf Washington Whissgig (Imp Swe) - Sheppard
Veteran Dog1 Entries, Absent: 0
1stWooliebourne Voom Voom - Mayes
Outgoing dog with pleasing head, well balanced throughout ample bone and body, nicely muscled throughout moved out soundly.
Special Working Dog2 Entries, Absent: 2
Best BitchTweedsmuir Chenoa at Windfly - Grant
Reserve Best BitchWhissgig All That Jazz - Sheppard
Best Puppy BitchWhissgig Winter Saga (AI) - Sheppard
Minor Puppy Bitch1 Entries, Absent: 0
1stBeskerby Luminescent - Dawson
Promising youngster, lovely head with good eye, clean neck and shoulders, well angulated throughout, moved well with a happy disposition.
Puppy Bitch6 Entries, Absent: 0
1stWhissgig Winter Saga (AI) - Sheppard
Headed a super class of youngsters. very nice type, lovely head, best of fronts with good feet, ample body, moved out freely with good tailset and carriage, just lost out to the dog in the challenge on profile movement
2ndAnbrook Center Fold - Brookshaw
Another of good breed type, pleasing head shape just a little longer in foreface, ample bone and body, moved okay
3rdAnbrook Fair Maid of Kent by Winhampton - Wilson
ResWhissgig Comedy of Errors (AI) - Sheppard
VHCWhissgig Tempest (AI) - Peters
Junior Bitch4 Entries, Absent: 0
1stWhissgig Winter Saga (AI) - Sheppard
2ndWhissgig Tempest (AI) - Peters
VHC in previous class, lovely head with good overall body shape, more settled in this class and gave a better performance on the move, just a little wide in front
3rdSpice Twice Eye in the Sky at Cheahnwood (Imp, FIN) - Blower
ResMicklemess Just Looking - Crofts
Novice Bitch2 Entries, Absent: 0
1stBeskerby Luminescent
2ndSpice Twice Eye in the Sky at Cheahnwood (Imp, FIN) - Blower
Finer built bitch, would prefer better length in neck, ample ribbing moved ok in profile with good topline, needs to strengthen in rear movement.
Graduate Bitch2 Entries, Absent: 0
1stTweedsmuir Chenoa at Windfly - Grant
This young bitch really appealed for breed type, so well balanced with pleasing head, good neck and shoulders, strong bone and good feet, well ribbed with depth, in good coat and condition, moved out soundly but to be critical still needs to firm up in topline
2ndEtheridge Trekennar - Peters
Nice headed youngster, ample bone and body, super sound throughout, moved well just a little wide coming towards me, lacks furnishings to complete the picture.
Post Graduate Bitch3 Entries, Absent: 0
1stMicklemess Magic Flute - Walton
Pleasing head and eye, ample bone but feet could be tighter. Nicely balanced throughout and best mover in the class
2ndMicklemess Fidelity - Pavitt
A little stronger in head, but of good overall shape with ample bone and body, moved okay
3rdEtheridge Trekennar - Peters
Limit Bitch3 Entries, Absent: 0
1stWhissgig All That Jazz - Sheppard
Liked her for type and overall body shape, pleasing head and expression, ample bone, good coat and condition, moved soundly but lacked a little enthusiasm in the challenge
2ndWinhampton Over the Moon by Anbrook - Brookshaw
A little taller than I prefer but well made throughout, ample bone and body, moved out well.
3rdMicklemess Fidelity - Pavitt
Open Bitch2 Entries, Absent: 1
1stWinhampton Oops A Daisy - Wilson
Lovely bitch on the stand, well balanced throughout, lovely front and feet, ample body with depth, just not enjoying her day
Veteran BitchEntries 2, Absent: 0
1stMicklemess Bella Rosa - Croft
Loved this girl for breed type, most pleasing head, correct neck and shoulders, well ribbed and strong in loin and hindquarters. Moved out soundly to take BVIS
2ndDeepfleet Filly of Wooliebourne - Mayes
Another one who doesn’t show her age, in good overall condition, well angulated and a very sound mover. Both veterans a credit to their owners.
Special Working DogNo Entries
BraceEntries 2, Absent: 0
Both pairs put up a good show but felt the winners gave a more polished performance, moving together at an even pace.
1stWhissgig Tempest, Etheridge Trekennar - Peters
2ndWooliebourne Voom Voom Deepfleet Filly of Wooliebourne - Mayes
Stud DogNo Entries
Brood BitchEntries 2, Absent: 0
Lovely to see the bitches with their offspring, and the type showing through. Close decision here but preferred the overall type of the winner
1stWhissgig White Rose - Sheppard
2ndWinhampton Over The Moon by Anbrook - Brookshaw
Junior Handling (6 - 11yrs)No Entries
Junior Handling (12 - 16yrs)No Entries