About Working

malla jobbarThe Duke of Newcastle is credited with the development of the breed and his spaniels were famed for their working ability throughout the country and gradually made their way to neighbouring estates in the Dukeries.

The first Field Trials were held in 1899 and Clumber Spaniels excelled; a young bitch named Beechgrove Bee was unbeaten in the first two years of Trials and is the only Clumber Spaniel to hold the title Field Trial Champion. Current Kennel Club regulations for Field Trials mean that nowadays a Clumber cannot achieve that title. The Clumber Spaniel Club was one of the first of the Spaniel Breed Clubs to hold a Field Trial in the 1930’s.

In the early 1900’s the Clumber was extremely popular as a sporting spaniel but lost favour after the wars and their numbers also declined drastically during the middle of the last century. Over the last twenty years the breed has seen a revival in the shooting field and a number of enthusiasts continue the traditions of this fine working dog. When trained, they can make excellent workers and are once again being recognised for their working ability.

The Kennel Club introduced the Working Gundog Certificate in 2003 where dogs are tested for their working ability; the Clumber Spaniel Club was again the first Spaniel Breed Club to hold a testing day and many Clumbers now hold this certificate.

The Clumber Spaniel Club runs a variety of events each year from introductory training days to a Field Trial where the most accomplished dogs can show their merits These can be found on the events page.