Rescue & Rehome

The Clumber Spaniel Club operates a Rescue and Rehoming scheme.

All enquires of either adoption or entering a dog into the rehome scheme should be to the Rescue & Rehome Co-ordinator:

Mrs Sue Boden 07793 487648 / 01205 460321 email:


What is the purpose of Clumber Spaniel Rescue?

Clumber Spaniel Rescue is a non-profit organisation created for the purpose of rescuing, caring for and re-homing Clumber Spaniels who find themselves in distress due to unforeseen circumstances. Clumber Spaniel Rescue does not deal in Clumber Spaniels either as buyer or seller nor does it have paid employees. The welfare of the dog is the primary aim of Clumber Spaniel Rescue.

Who runs Clumber Spaniel Rescue?

Volunteers run Clumber Spaniel Rescue with a co-ordinator, appointed by the members of the Clumber Spaniel Club, who receives a small honorarium from the Clumber Spaniel Club. The volunteers have always given their time, effort and often personal expenditure without question because of their love for the breed.

How does Clumber Spaniel Rescue receive dogs?

Dogs come into Rescue for all sorts of reasons, death, old age, ill health, marriage break-ups, emigration and a host of other reasons. A phone call to the rescue co-ordinator, either directly or via a third party, sets the rescue in motion. Agreement has to be reached with the owner of the dog and one of the volunteers often goes to collect the dog. The volunteer will take a short questionnaire and a Clumber Spaniel Club ‘transfer of ownership’ form for the owner to fill in. The questionnaire is used to try to ascertain if the dog has any problems of a medical or behavioural nature that would need to be known before re-homing the dog. No payment is ever made to acquire the dog.

Owners are always encouraged to contact the breeder but if they do not wish to there can be no coercion. If any registration documents exist it is hoped that they will be handed over with the dog but they are not necessary to re-home the dog. The dog will be transported by one or several people to a safe home where its immediate needs will be attended.

What happens next?

Regardless of the answers in the questionnaire, an experienced handler will assess the dog for temperament. If the dog has any immediate health problems, these will be attended to with reference to a vet where necessary. The dog will be held until a suitable home can be found.

The rescue co-ordinator will seek a suitable home by talking to potential owners about the breed stressing all areas that could be a problem. A volunteer will be appointed to visit the home preferably with an adult Clumber to ensure that the home is suitable and the people really do understand what they are getting. If a suitable home is identified then the dog will be passed to the potential new owners for a probationary period. Following the probationary period, if satisfactory to both sides, the new owners will be asked to sign a transfer paper accepting the dog and agreeing to contact Clumber Spaniel Rescue if there are any problems. It is always hoped that at this time a donation will be made to Clumber Spaniel Rescue but no amount is specified. A further visit to the home may be made to check if the new owners have any problems that can be addressed.

Registered ownership of the dog.

Registration papers would never be passed to the new owners thus discouraging breeding from these dogs. Any variation from this would have to be approved by the committee of the Clumber Spaniel Club and such approval only be given in extraordinary circumstances.

A rescued Clumber is an important dog. How we deal with these problems is a measure of the Clumber Spaniel Club and all its members.

Rescue Procedures