Health & Welfare

JumpingThe Clumber Spaniel Club has addressed health issues affecting the Clumber Spaniel for over twenty- five years. It held the first International Breed Seminar in 1987 specifically for “Hereditary Defects in the Clumber Spaniel” including a presentation by Dr Malcolm Willis on “Hip Dysplasia in Clumber Spaniels”. Dr Willis worked with the Club from 1985 – 1992 and produced three reports on hip dysplasia reviewing data from all scored dogs. In 1991 the Club set up a working party to examine the state of health within the breed and the first health survey was conducted; this was repeated ten years late in 2001 to determine whether changed had occurred. All past reports & surveys have been published.

In 2003 the Club appointed Health Co-ordinators and also met with the UK Kennel Club to address health issues in the breed. This was followed by the formation of a Health & Welfare Sub Committee in 2009.

The Clumber Spaniel Club intends that all data gathered on health matters can be shared on an international basis for the benefit of the breed.

It is recommended that all Clumber Spaniels should be examined under the KC/BVA schemes.