Clumber Spaniel Stud Dog List

This list is comprised of Clumber Spaniel dogs offered at stud by members of the Clumber Spaniel Club.

The Club requires hip scoring to be a mandatory requirement for inclusion on this list and all other health screening for each dog is included; these have been verified using the Kennel Club’s online health test results or by copy of the certificate.

The Inbreeding Coefficient (COI) for each dog is also included (these are over full 10 generations); further information about COIs and inbreeding can be found on the Kennel Club’s Mate Select website:

All enquiries and further arrangements must be made directly with the owner.

To have an entry added or amended please contact the Chair of the Health & Welfare committee here Chair

Please note that the Clumber Spaniel Club does not accept liability for any decisions made by breeders regarding use at stud of any of the dogs listed.

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Heath Screening
Stud Dog Name Sire/Dam Hips Elbows PDP1 EIC Latest Eye Certificate Location Owners
Name Abbyford Bold Venturer*
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Woolibourne Voom Voom / Spindel’s Garden Party At Minglas** 4/4=8 0 Hereditary Clear Clear 29/07/2017 Cornwall / Devon Mrs M Hughes
DoB 24/9/2013 01822 833669
COI 4.0%
Name Abbyford Centaurus
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Erinveine Exonerate For Abbyford / Abbyford Shilley 4/4=8 0 Hereditary Clear Hereditary Clear 01/10/2017 Devon Mrs J Crawford
DoB 28/08/2008 01647 231103
COI 24.3%
Name Burnished Showers By Summervilles
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Abbyfords Bold Venturer* / Chervood's Snow Charon of Knott(IMP DNK) 4/4=8 0 Hereditary Clear Hereditary Clear 15/01/2017 County Durham Julie Summers
DoB 24/8/2015 07858591240
COI 7.9%
Name Carydan Ice Etheridge Padraige / Tinglestone Fiz 2/5=7 0 Hereditary Clear Clear Cornwall Dave Kent
DoB 20/08/2011 01566 779968 / 07814840266
COI 19.8% dcl12b@live
Name Creeaark Artreyu SWE CH Sugar Loaf Tivoli / Sealumber Take A Chance On Me 6/5=11 0 Hereditary Clear Clear 1/10/2017 Essex Izzie Hirst
DoB 09/05/2013
COI 10.5% 02085911540
Name Nethercote Kingsley of Trogenvarn Flintwood Frosty / Etheridge Orla 2/2=4 1 Clear Carrier 31/12/2014 Buckingahmshire Mr D Browne
DoB 16/10/13
COI 21.5%
Name Northmore Cavalier By Abbyford
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Abbyford Centaurus / Chervood's Snow Charon Of Knott (IMP DNK) 6/4=10 0 Hereditary Clear Hereditary Clear 01/10/2017 Devon Mrs J Crawford
DoB 25/05/2014 01647 231103
COI 6.2%
Name Studeem Rock The Kazbar At Laceygunn Vanitonia U Bet I Am / Fayemm Tonights The Night 40/44=88 0 Hereditary Clear Banffshire, Scotland Mr & Mrs G Underwood
DoB 03/11/2010 01542 840271
COI 14.7%
Name Tweedsmuir Just Cruzin Among Suelynda Anbrook Moonlight/ ShCh Tweedsmuir Riocco 11/17=28 (vetscoring Australia) Hereditary Clear Hereditary Clear 03/10/2021 Lincolnshire Mr & Mrs D Boden
DoB 21/08/2021 012050460321
COI 14.1%
Name Tavirosh Old Yeller Belcrum Sandy Sparkle / Millsmith Ten Cents A Dance With Belcrum 23/23=46 0 Hereditary Clear Clear 03/10/2013 Lincolnshire Mrs M Charlesworth-Ironside
DoB 30/12/2012
COI 20.6%
Name Tweedsmuir Blaze Of Glory Tweedsmuir Klassic Edition Among Suelynda / Tweedsmuir Duchesse 6/11=17 0 Hereditary Clear Hereditary Clear 02/10/2016 Cambridgeshire Mrs H Monaghan
DoB 19/06/2014 01945 780293
COI 23.3%
Name Tweedsmuir Dambuster Wymeswold Clyde Doodles / Anbrook Masquerade To Tweedsmuir 6/3=9 Hereditary Clear Clear 02/10/2016 Cambridgeshire Mrs H Monaghan
DoB 20/05/2010 01945 780293
COI 13.4%
Name Tweedsmuir Mikado Tweedsmuir Dambuster / Dockwray Snapdragon To Tweedsmuir 3/3=6 Hereditary Clear Clear 05/10/2014 Cambridgeshire Mrs H Monaghan
DoB 06/12/2011 01945 780293
COI 14.0%
Name Wiglytail's VA Bene (IMP Fin) Jazzin's Tailor Made For Spice Twice / Overjoyed 3/6=9 Clear Clear 22/10/2021 Devon Mrs Jan Morton & Mr Graham Constable
DoB 02/10/2019 01566 783688
COI 0.0%
Name Winhampton Over The Yardarm of Harrifield Anbrook Moonlight / Winhampton Naughty But Nice 25/24=49 Hereditary Clear Clear 02/10/2016 Kent Mrs L Thorogood
DoB 23/09/2014 01622 891211
COI 24.1%
Name Spanaffy Stiegl Goldbrau von Schmitenhohe
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Sugarloaf Washington Wissgig (Imp Swe)* / Macgiriaght Marie 3/3=6 Hereditary Clear Clear 01/10/2017 Cambridgeshire Janet Carrick
DoB 28/08/2015 07789 658034
COI 6.1%