DSC00066Before buying a puppy, please consider the following:-
  •  Have you thought about the good and bad things about owning a Clumber Spaniel?
  • Do you really want a puppy? Or would an older dog be more suitable?
  • Have you been to see an adult Clumber Spaniel?
  • Will you be able to spend time with your new dog – training, socialising, playing and exercise?
  • Is your garden of an adequate size AND suitably fenced?
  • Selecting a puppy:- Do not necessarily buy a puppy from the first litter you see.
  • Ask to see the mother.
  • A puppy should seem heavy for its size. It should smell clean; have bright, clear eyes and no discharge from eyes, ears, nose or anus.
  • The puppy should be at least 8 weeks old before leaving for its new home.
  • When you pick up your new puppy:- Make sure you are given a diet sheet with the puppy’s feeding regime.
  • Check when the puppy was last wormed and when it should next be wormed.
  • Ask about insurance, as Vet bills are expensive.
  • Documentation should include the KC registration, a pedigree, receipt, diet sheet, general do’s and don’ts.
  • Take someone with you to nurse the puppy on the journey home.