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Clumber Clips Spring & Summer 2020

The Spring & Summer 2020 edition of Clumber Clips has been sent to the printers but because of the current corona virus situation the printers have closed for the next three weeks so there will unfortunately be a delay in these being sent out to our members.

CSC Open Show & AGM – 5th April 2020

The Clumber Spaniel Club regrets to announce that its forthcoming Show & AGM have been cancelled due to the Government’s directive against public gatherings and non-essential travel.

Today the Kennel Club has also published a statement recommending a suspension of all canine related events for the next three months.

It is hoped that both events can be rescheduled as soon as the Government relaxes the current restrictions. Please bear with us until that time and we will advise you once we are able to provide an update.



CSC Announcement on PRA Projects


The Clumber Spaniel Club will not be joining CSH UK in the investigation that they arranged with the AHT into PRA. Since the invitation to collaborate was issued, the CSH UK has announced on social media that funding is now available for the project and that it would be going ahead with immediate effect without waiting to hear from the CSC. The Committee agreed that as the parameters have now changed the best way to give support for the project is to continue to offer free eye tests for Clumbers aged 8 years and above. To this end we wish to affirm that all people who take part in the project are able to claim reimbursement of the £34 eye test fee (BVA fee for dogs aged 8 & over) by sending a copy of the eye test report to Carol Page, Breed Health Coordinator.

The Club will also continue the work already started with the AHT & WCSS on investigating PRA in Clumber Spaniels.

CSC 2020 Calendars

We still have a few 2020 calendars available at £5.00 each so to reserve your copy email Jim Pickering at treasurer@clumberspanielclub.org.uk




Statement about CSH UK Announcement

The Clumber Spaniel Club regrets to announce that the statement made on 16th February by Clumber Spaniel Health UK is incorrect regarding the Club’s involvement in the AHT proposed project into PRA and has expressed our objection to CSH UK that they made such a statement prior to the Club communicating with them.

The Committee meeting scheduled for Sunday 16th February, where this item was on the agenda, was postponed until next Saturday due to concerns about Storm Dennis.

Participation in this project, which would include a significant investment from the Club’s Health Fund, has still to be formally considered and a decision will be taken on Saturday 22nd February.

PRA and Clumber Spaniels

Please see full statement about PRA in box on right.


KC response to CSC Letter re: Clumber/Cocker cross


The CSC has received the following response from the KC regarding this issue –  KC Reply

CSC Statement Re Clumber/Cocker Cross


The Clumber Spaniel Club is aware of a dog whose DNA profiling has shown that it has a percentage of Cocker Spaniel in it’s makeup. The Club has already raised this matter with the Kennel Club but they were not inclined to pursue it. However as a second screening has verified the first test result the Club is once again corresponding with the Kennel Club with regard to addressing this serious issue.