Show Results 2016

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Date Show Judge Critique
11.12.16 LKA Mr I Layfield
12.10.16 Gundog Society of Wales Mr M Armstrong
07.10.16 SWKA Mrs S Brookshaw
02.10.16 CSC Championship Show - Specials Mrs J Crawford
02.10.16 CSC Championship Show Mrs M Charlesworth-Ironside
30.09.16 Driffield Championship Show Mr G Underwood
18.09.16 Darlington Championship Show Miss R A Johnson
11.09.16 Richmond Mr N Bryant
04.09.16 City of Birmingham Mr M Howes
21.08.16 Welsh Kennel Club Mrs Carole Coode
14.08.16 Bournemouth Canine Association Mrs Jan Linley
07.08.16 National Gundog Association Mrs Maureen Taylor
06.08.16 Paignton & District Fanciers Association Mr Tom Isherwood
31.07.16 York Canine Association Open Show Mr Peter Sheppard
24.07.16 Leeds Championship Show Mrs Pat Butler-Holley
12.07.16 Dukeries Gundog Club Open Show D A Bennett (Jesham)
10.07.16 East of England Championship Show Mr Chris Page
01.07.16 Windsor Championship Show Mr Ernie Lockett
25.06.16 Blackpool Mr Hans Van Den Berg
09.06.16 Three Counties Mr Frank Kane
29.05.16 GBAS Open Show Mr Peter Sheppard
28.05.16 Bath Mr John Newsham
21.05.16 SKC Mr C Mackay
15.05.16 West Country Dog Club Mrs Meg Purnell-Carpenter
07.05.16 Tunbridge Wells & District Open Show Mr Karl Payne
05.05.16 National Dog Show Miss Ann Ingram
22.04.16 West of England Ladies Kennel Society (Welks) Mr Lee A S Cox
03.04.16 The Clumber Spaniel Club Open Show Mrs Kelly Jeffries
11.03.16 Crufts Mr G L Talbot
17.01.16 Manchester Dog Show Society Mr Keith A W Young