City of Birmingham 2018

Judge – Mrs E P Hollings

Best of BreedMaursett Mycate At Kiswahili - Walkling
Dog CCSh Ch Winhampton Over The Yardarm Of Harrifield JW - Thorogood
Res Dog CCMaursett Mathos - Taylor
Bitch CCMaursett Mycate At Kiswahili - Walkling
Res Bitch CCTweedsmuir Kotton Kandi - Monoghan
Best PuppyMaursett Mycate At Kiswahili - Walkling
Best Veteran
Best JuniorBeskerby Luminescent - Dawson
Veteran DogNo Entries
Puppy Dog1 Entries, Absent: 0
1stMaursett Mathos - Taylor
Cracking 11 month dog. He emits type and quality, is absolutely sound, healthy with super head and clean well set eyes, giving that steady solicitous gaze. Square muzzle ending with a big nose. Powerful neck, Good lay of shoulder. Straight front legs. Long well sprung rib with short developed loin. Strong quarters. He goes economically with true foot placement. As a male he was just right for age, but not quite the maturity of the CC winner for me today. Will take some beating in a short time.
Junior DogNo Entries
Post Graduate Dog2 Entries, Absent: 1
1stMarshalver Moonriver - Boden
2 years and full of personality. Has a charm about him. He has decent proportions and plenty of bone. Strength behind and a tidy enough mover.
Limit Dog4 Entries, Absent: 1
1stMicklemess Making Music At Clumbadane - Rudbach
First class Presentation and in sparkling condition and coat. Has typical balance to head with well set eyes and good ear placement. Has depth of chest and spring of long rib. Straight back from muscled loin. Works with handler to effortless action.
2ndTavirosh Stonewall - Charlesworth-Ironside
Pleasing chap for type and health. He was clean and sound. Lovely personality and worked the ring with a charming disposition.
3rdWhissgig Daddy Cool - Sheppard
ResWhissgig The Bristolian - Sheppard
Open Dog5 Entries, Absent: 1
1stSh Ch Winhampton Over The Yardarm Of Harrifield JW - Thorogood
Masculine balanced head with good eye, ear and square muzzle ending at his big nose. Smart and all clumber who performs easily from correct skeletal construction. He has depth and body coupled with maturity. His coat was silky and clean.
2ndTweedsmuir Blaze Of Glory - Monaghan
True to type and well made. Lovely expression form correct, clean eye. Not quite the strength or width to muzzle of winner. He has stoic attitude and performed with ease.
3rdClumbraise Baby He's Your Man JW - Brookshaw & Newsham
ResSugar Loaf Washington Whissgig (Imp) - Sheppard
Good Citizen Dog1 Entries, Absent: 0
1stTavirosh Stonewall - Charlesworth-Ironside
Veteran BitchNo Entries
Puppy Bitch4 Entries, Absent: 0
1stMaursett Mycate At Kiswahili - Walkling
Sibling to the gorgeous dog puppy and being a bitch, she had that bit more finish of maturity. Full of type and quality, topped by her beautifully prepared silky coat and feathering. The breeder must be proud of them both and to get her into such good handler.
2ndSuelynda Whirylbird - Boden
6 month and this sweetheart made me smile, so full of confidence doing her job with soundness. Pretty head, clean with balance and correct stop. Big nose. Has the essentials to take her forward.
3rdDelsaux Beneath The Sun - Taylor & Hilton
ResSuelynda Kiowa Over Cajuma - Lawrence
Junior Bitch2 Entries, Absent: 1
1stBeskerby Luminescent - Dawson
Very typical, sound bitch with pleasing head and eye. Good forehand with developed chest, long well sprung ribs to firm loin. Goes as she is made, soundly with added personality.
2ndAnbrook Fair Maid Of Kent By Winhampton - Wilson
Not quite the appeal in head for me at present. Well put together with correct proportions. She is clean and healthy. A stylish bitch who performed to advantage.
3rdWhissgig Wintersaga (ai) - Sheppard
ResWhissgig Comedy Of Errors (ai) - Sheppard
Post Graduate Bitch2 Entries, Absent: 0
1stAnbrook Center Fold - Brookshaw
These both had qualities regarding type and health. This one had n appealing head with femininity strength and balance. Pleasing firm outline and performed with good bearing.
2ndTweedsmuir Chenoa At Windfly - Grant
Pretty bitch who is soundly made.Well boned, not quite the feet of the winner. Lots to like and displays herself well on the move, with typical gait.
Limit Bitch3 Entries, Absent: 1
1stTweedsmuir Kotton Kandi - Monaghan
This young girl came in her underwear, but therefore nothing to hide and coat grows. Lovely head so typical of the heads produced by this kennel. She is strong and well boned, retaining femininity. Free action depicted from her construction.
2ndWhissgig All That Jazz - Sheppard
Open Bitch2 Entries, Absent: 1
1stWinhampton Oops A Daisy - Wilson
Head has balance from the side, but would like more stop to enhance expression. Well bodied and good angulation both ends. Very well presented in good coat that is plentiful and silky. Went nicely.
Good Citizen BitchNo Entries