Clumber Spaniel Stud Dog List

This list is comprised of Clumber Spaniel dogs offered at stud by members of the Clumber Spaniel Club.

The Club requires hip scoring to be a mandatory requirement for inclusion on this list and all other health screening for each dog is included; these have been verified using the Kennel Club’s online health test results or by copy of the certificate.

The Inbreeding Coefficient (COI) for each dog is also included (these are over full 10 generations); further information about COIs and inbreeding can be found on the Kennel Club’s Mate Select website:

All enquiries and further arrangements must be made directly with the owner.

To have an entry added or amended please contact the Chair of the Health & Welfare committee on

Please note that the Clumber Spaniel Club does not accept liability for any decisions made by breeders regarding use at stud of any of the dogs listed.

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