Crufts 2017

Judge – Ms E King

First of all I would like to thank my lovely stewards, my mates Gary and Jeff, I would also like to thank all exhibitors who came under me today. I must say I went in the ring and felt very honoured to have your lovely dogs to go over. I have not judged Clumbers for 4 years so I had no idea what I would be getting and what I was going to do, but I had lovely dogs and that made it hard for me as there are not enough red cards. Bit concerned with teeth, some bites a bit dicey. For me some ears not as clean as they should be. Some dogs have too much weight which showed in the movement. So once again, thank you. Remember, it’s a hobby and we all take the best dog home.
Best of BreedSH CH/IR SH CH Richley Royale Bond - Dunne
Dog CCSH CH/IR SH CH Richley Royale Bond - Dunne
Res Dog CCSH CH Wyclydo's Fast As The Wind At Glenariff (Imp Nld) - Cox, Reynolds & Crocker
Bitch CCSH CH/IR SH CH Richley Ready To Rock With Antonine ShCm - Mcgillivray & Currie
Res Bitch CCMischievous Maeve With Maursett - Taylor
Best PuppyMicklemass Frivolous At Ranzham - Hyman
Veteran DogNo Entries
Puppy Dog1 Entries, Absent: 0
1stTavirosh Stonewall - Charlesworth-Ironside
11 month old lovely puppy. Head needs to develop a bit more but he had clean eyes and good dentition. Good depth but still bit loose on front. Lovely length of body. Enjoying himself and on the move kept his top line and tail set. Presented well.
Junior Dog2 Entries, Absent: 0
1stAnbrook Burma Star At Brazenhill - Newsham
Watched this handsome boy for a while and going over him was not disappointed. Lovely broad head, lovely stop, good bite and clean eyes. Typical Clumber expression. Great in front and well padded pasterns. Well off for bone. Good length in body & neck. Well low in hocks & stifles. Lovely outline. Moved well but I have seen him move better than he did today.
2ndMicklemess Making Music At Clumbadan - Rudbach
Another lovely boy but not as well off for bone as 1. Head not as broad as I would have liked to have seen but he has time to mature. Not as long in length and down on pasterns, today it showed in movement.
Post Graduate Dog7 Entries, Absent : 0
1stDoctor Rashleigh At Ranzham - Hyman
Loved this boy’s masculine head. Good dentition Clear eyes, lovely typical expression. Great in length. Good depth of chest and great rib space. Tight feet & stifle. Good top line. Carried his tail as it should be when on the move. He glided round the ring well.
2ndMilionaire On Wall Street Black Dangerous At Kafernes - Deick
Another great boy. Lovely head but not as mature as 1. Correct bite. Clean ears. Good deep chest and plenty of rib space. Good angulation. Kept his top line on the move with correct tail carriage.
3rdDelsaux Ray Of Light - Taylor
Lovely mature boy. Not as big in frame as winners but this boy is sound. Clear eyes. Good bite. Moved round the ring keeping his top line & tail carriage as it should be.
ResSpanaffy Stiegl Goldbrau - Whiffin & Carrick
VHCWhissgig The Bristolian - Sheppard
Limit Dog8 Entires, Absent 2
1stBig Booms Joker Delboy - Vrtikova
Well this dog came in showing his socks off. Very mature head. Clean eyes, lovely expression & good bite. Lovely chest, well off for bone. Straight in front and plenty of rib space. Well presented. Moved well round the ring keeping level top line. Lovely fella. Was up against some lovely dogs today for the challenge.
2ndCreeaark Artreyu - Hirst
Another lovely boy. Liked his broad head, clear eyes. Straight in front, well off for bone and very sound. Great length. In great condition when moving round ring keeping a level top line. Presentation was first class, well done to his groomers.
3rdWhissgig Li'l Abner - Sheppard
Lovely dog. Nice head, good bite and clear eyes. Another sound dog. Well off for bone. Long in length. Great on movement. Preferred head of front 2 exhibits, but I liked him.
ResWhissgig Daddy Cool - Sheppard
VHCClumbraise Baby He's Your Man (Imp Nor) JW - Brookshaw & Newsham
Open Dog13 Entries, Absent: 2
1stSH CH/IR SH CH Richley Royale Bond - Dunne
Well this lovely dog made me so proud to go over him. I found everything I wanted in a typical old type. I would say I may be corrected but to me he had a great mature head, clean eyes, great stop, clean dentation & clean ears. Lovely neck leading to a great front. Lovely chest & rib space. Lovely hocks & great stifles. Well off for bone. Nice tight feet. Presented in A1 condition as always from his owner. He never faulted on the move round the ring keeping his level top line and tail set was perfect. It was an honour to award him the Dog CC & Best of Breed and to send him through to the group as a true specimen of our breed which fitted the Breed Standard. I loved him could have taken him home with me.
2ndSH CH Wyclydo's Fast As The Wind At Glenariff (Imp Nld) - Cox, Reynolds & Crocker
Another great dog. Great in head and lovely Clumber expression. Clear eyes, good bite, nice stop. Good bone, lovely length, great in stifles, tight feet. In beautiful condition. Moved round the ring but seemed to favour his tail a bit for me. I would like to say the presentation was excellent as always from this kennel. 1 & 2 will change places many times. Res CC.
3rdSH CH Tweedsmuir Dambuster JW - Monaghan
Another beautiful dog and I know now why he is the joint breed record holder. Such a great specimen of the breed. Great in head. Lovely mature boy. Good bite, clean eye & ears. Well off for bone. Straight in front, good chest, ribs & length. Thought he didn’t move as good today as I have seen him before but he kept his top line and lovely tail set. Maybe the heat got to him, It got to me as well. Still love him.
ResMulti Ch/sh Ch Big Boom's Banditos Dex Ww 12'13'15 Euw 12'13'14 - Levai
VHCSH CH Winhampton Over The Yardarm Of Harrifield JW ShCm - Thorogood
Good Citizen Dog Scheme - Dog4 Entries, Absent: 1
1stWhissgig Li'l Abner - Sheppard
Lovely boy In good condition Clean eyes, good dentition & clean ears. Good length Would prefer a bit more bone. Moved well keeping level top line. Well presented.
2ndMilionaire On Wall Street Black Dangerous At Kafernes - Deick
2nd in PGD.
3rdMicklemess Sunseeker - Jukes
Nice boy. Good well matured head. Carrying bit too much weight to me and it showed in movement
Veteran Bitch5 Entries, Absent: 2
1stSH CH Tweedsmuir Beautiful Dream Among Suelynda JW Shcm - Boden
Well, what can I say about this beautiful bitch was hasn’t been said before and why do you think she our top bitch. Beautiful head, clean clear eyes. Straight in front, good rib space & great length. Excels in everything. Moved well and kept top line. She was a happy girl that tail never stops wagging. Movement not as good as it was but, hey, she is getting older, just like old girl me. She is a credit to our breed. Well done.
2ndSH CH Jubilwell Jingle Bells ShCm - Jefferies
Another lovely lady in very good condition. Sweet feminine head. Clear eyes & a soft expression. Nice length. Her movement was great keeping her weight under control which is great.
3rdSH CH Winhampton Morag Mae - Wilson
Another great oldie. Lovely feminine head, clear eyes. Straight in front Lovely Length Moved well, kept top line on the move. Lovely girl.
Puppy Bitch4 Entries, Absent: 0
1stMicklemass Frivolous At Ranzham - Hyman
What a baby, loved her. She had a lovely feminine head with clear eyes. Straight in front, plenty of heart room, well up on pasterns. Plenty of bone. Good length and in good coa.t Moved well with her handler keeping top line & lovely tail set for a baby. Will watch her progress. Was pleased to award her Best Puppy. She was better in movement to the boy puppy. I could have taken her home.
2ndSuelynda Diamonds R'forever At Francfief - Heaume
Another sweet baby. Nice head. Needs to mature but they are babies all will change places. Slight finer in frame than 1. Sweet Head, lovely expression. Straight in front, good length. Lovely happy girl. Moved well keeping top line.
3rdMicklemess Fidelity - Terry
Litter sister to 1 but doesn’t excel in bone as she does. Again, sweet feminine head. Good length. Didn’t move as good as 1 but I will watch them all.
Junior Bitch4 Entries, Absent: 1
1stAnbrook Violette - Brookshaw
Another great bitch reminding me of the older type of Clumber. Beautiful feminine head, Clear eyes & expression. Great length, lovely straight front and plenty of rib space. Sound on pasterns. She was positive on movement keeping great top line. Her day will come, plenty of time
2ndMicklemess Fidelity - Terry
3rd in PB
3rdMicklemess Magic Flute - Walton
Another girl with a sweet head. Good length. Not as much bone as others but movement was not too good today
Post Graduate Bitch7 Entries, Absent: 2
1stMarshalver Miss Attitude - Boden & Monaghan
Well, we will start with what a very smart clever sweet handler and very good at handling. I may say watch out Eddie. Now to the dog. Pretty feminine head, clear eyes. Straight front, good length, well up on pasterns. Will be finished off when she matures. Moved well, kept top line. With her beautiful handler presentation A1. Will watch her progress & handlers.
2ndAfrodita Sofi's Fairy Tail For Kafernes - Deick
Another lovely girl. Slightly Larger than 1.Down on pasterns which showed in movement
3rdTweedsmuir Pinotage Rose - Vickery & Jones
Another lovely girl, slightly larger frame than the two in front. Again, this one was down in pasterns. Showed again In movement.
ResGolden Hew By Etheridge - Hughes
VHCNulla Kaprys Rejenta (Imp Pol) - Reid
Limit Bitch7 Entries, Absent: 2
1stMischievous Maeve With Maursett - Taylor
I have admired this young lady from the ringside for a long time, brilliant bitch. Sweet feminine head, clean eyes, good dentition & clean ears. Lovely neck moving into lovely front, nice rib. Strong pasterns. Lovely length with a great tail set. Well off for bone. Presented well and great in her movement. Kept her top line while on move. Was pleased to award her Res CC. Her crown will not be long but up against some mature bitches at the moment.
2ndSuelynda Chantilly - Boden
Another lovely bitch. Lovely head, sweet expression. Clean in ears. Straight in front, great length & well of for bone. Kept top line on move. Well handled. Presentation First Class as always.
3rdCreeaark Fantastica - Hirst
Lovely bitch. Feminine in head, straight in front. Well balanced sound girl. Well off for bone, great length, tight feet. Moved well but not as well as first 2. Like her.
ResWhissgig All That Jazz - Sheppard
VHCWinhampton Oops A Daisy - Wilson
Open Bitch6 Entries, Absent: 2
1stSH CH/IR SH CH Richley Ready To Rock With Antonine ShCm - Mcgillivray & Currie
Well balanced bitch. Lovely feminine head with sweet expression. Good mouth. Straight in front, lovely neck, great in length & lovely compact feet. Moved round the ring enjoying her day keeping level top line and lovely tail set. Was pleased to award her the Bitch CC.
2ndSH CH/IR SH CH Richley Ruff Diamond - Dunne
Litter Sister To 1. Again, lovely bitch with clean eyes. Straight front, tight feet, much the same as her sister. Presentation is First Class as always from this kennel. Should be proud of this two girls. Not as good on movement as 1.
3rdSH CH Suelynda Heaven Sent ShCm - Boden
Here again a great bitch lovely. Head & sweet expression. Good in front, well off for bone & nice length. Presented in tip top condition as always from this kennel. Movement great. Hard decision for me as all three are great bitches. They will change places many times. Loved all 3 of them.
ResMayghan's Lawn Of Herbs By Sealumber - Linley
Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bitch2 Entries, Absent: 1
1stAfrodita Sofi's Fairy Tail For Kafernes - Deick
2nd in PGB.