Clumber Spaniel Club 2017 AGM – Nominations

All completed ballot papers must be with Gordon Talbot by 24th March


President:Mr D R Murton (elected 2014 for 5 years)Mr D R Murton (elected 2014 for 5 years)
Vice-Presidents:Mrs M Charlesworth- Ironside, Mrs W Clarke, Mr D Hirst, Mrs J Hubbard & Mrs S William
Chairman:NomineesMr T Taylor
Vice- Chairman:NomineesP Sheppard,
Mrs L Thorogood
Hon Secretary:Mrs E King
Hon Treasurer:Mr J Newsham
Field Trial Secretary:NomineesFrank Geraghty
2017 Committee:
Elected 2015, retires 2017Mrs S Boden*,
Ms J Cunningham*
Mrs J Pickering,
Mr N Bryant
* not standing for re-election.
Elected 2016, retires 2018Mrs J Crawford,
Ms J Linley,
Mr P Sheppard,
Mrs B Weston
All other Committee members are standing for re-election.
Re-StandingMr N Bryant,
Mrs J Pickering,
Mrs J Pickering
NomineesMr JW Pickering,
Mrs F Robson,
Mrs M Taylor
Rescue Coordinator:NomineesS Boden,
Mrs M Taylor
Breed Health Coordinator :NomineesSara Kirkman,
Mrs C Page,
Mrs B Weston